Westham Island Herb Farm

Pumpkin Patch

Closed for the season


abundance of pumpkins on Westham Island

I started selling pumpkins from our farm when I was 5 years old. Over the years I have learned what works well. I continue to apply my expertise in the creation of my annual pumpkin patch. The patch offers carving pumpkins ranging in size from grapefruit to some over a hundred pounds. I plant a colourful assortment of pumpkin types ranging from Baby Boos to Big Max. There is also great variation in pumpkin colour including white, grey, orange, red and variegated.

For those in a hurry or not wanting to venture out to the patch I also have a wide selection of pumpkins conveniently available direct from my retail area. Plenty of wheelbarrows are available for pumpkin retrieval.

To help with Halloween or harvest fest celebrations I also have ornamental gourds, cornstalks, miniature and full-sized hay bales and sweet sugar pumpkins for baking or cooking. Have you ever tried pumpkin soup served in a hollowed out small pumpkin, you’ll never go back to bowls again!

Come and see Ladner's Halloween Headquarters! My family, staff and I all love to celebrate halloween and provide a wonderful fall display for the occasion. Come see my annual display of "scarecrows" incorporating pumpkins, gourds, other farm products, implements and good old country humour.

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