General Store

wildflower honey, raspberry honey, pumpkin honey, blueberry honey

It's more than just a store, it's a little shop filled with pleasing aromas, delightful sights, and the perfect gift for anyone on your shopping list. Step into Westham Island Herb Farm's own General Store and back to the days of hand-made products prepared in small batches using tried and true recipes.

Well, come on in!

I offer home made jellies made fresh from our own and our neighbours’ fruit... you know, the kind that you used to have on fresh baked bread in your Grandma’s kitchen.

My honey selection offers sweet treasures made from a variety of nectar sources including pumpkin and raspberries. The bee colonies in the area are critical in providing pollination for our crops, but also provide the sweet nectar of their efforts for us to enjoy.

We sell hand-made aprons. Two different styles to choose from!

Teach your children early - we have books to help - the ABC's of Agriculture.

Before you leave, pick a card from my line of Island Greeting cards to give to someone that you care about. It’s always nice to receive a card, especially the ones that are unexpected. Why not wish your special person a happy Wednesday next week! Even better, include a unique gift from my home and garden items. I'm sure that you and the lucky recipient will enjoy the experience!

 shopping at the general store at Westham Island Herb Farm 

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