Westham Island Herb Farm

Classes in the Barn 2017

Claire is a holistic nutritionist and currently supporting our the team at Westham Island Herb Farm. She draws her knowledge from decades in the horticulture industry, years of work experience as a nutritionist and as an educator helping people grow, prepare and consume the healthiest foods!


Learn amazing herbs for everyday use and ways to incorporate them in all aspects of
daily living for improved wellness. Learn how to grow food year-round in the lower
Mainland. Expand your culinary skills, learn to increase flavour & production while
reaping huge health benefits. Learn how healthy soils are key to great taste, better
garden production, and a healthier you. Learn about medicinal plants for the home
garden and medicines from your own backyard. Learn how to build your own first aid
kit. Take a class, cultivate your knowledge, and improve your life, all while having

October 14th 9:30 am- 12:30 pm $50 Instructor: Claire Smith


Learn great strategies for bountiful harvests and how to actively prevent disease and pest problems. You will learn
how to determine optimal harvest times and understand the best methods to use, harvest and store your bounty
for maximum nutrient and flavour retention. Discover simple ways to extend the season and discover easy ways
to begin winter gardening for food production throughout the year.


----- past classes----

July 8th 9:30 am – 12:30 pm $50 Instructor: Claire Smith


Learn how herbs can make you an extraordinary chef, improve your health, help you live longer, improve the
flavour and yield of other crops you grow, repel unwanted pests and attract predatory insects and those allimportant
pollinators to your garden, and even help you clean your house better. This class includes strategies to
work these plants into all areas of your daily life from the garden to the kitchen to the beauty chest and to the
medicine cabinet. Participants will make a culinary herbal vinegar and a kitchen & bath cleaner to take home.

August 12th 9:30 am- 12:30 pm $50 Instructor: Claire Smith


The kitchen gardens of old were full of plants that made up the household medicine chest. Learn which herbs can
be easily introduced into gardens, patios, planters, and even our kitchens for everyday safe medicinal use. You will
learn the basics of herbal preparations, understand how to make tinctures, teas, salves, poultices, and more. You
will learn the basics of essential to have on hand for a home first aid kit Class participants will make a medicinal
tea and a first aid salve to take home.

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